i have nothing terribly important to say. i try to go on adventures. i complain more than necessary. alcohol and coffee are important to me. i talk shit about people who are bothering me and appreciate internet humor a great deal. i dig art, nature, badass women, and fried food.


I’m great at eating three desserts and then complaining about gaining weight



Do you ever wonder about how an author would describe you in a novel? Not only your appearance but the way you talk and laugh and hold yourself and all the expressions on your face?


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I know they’re kinda trashy and totally impractical but I really love jeans with bling on the butt pockets

Completely unreasonable annoyance of the day:

At McDonald’s, every item generally tastes pretty much the same, where ever you go. Except the southern style chicken sandwich, which of course is my go-to. That thing tastes different every single time.

I just spent like $45 on iTunes whoops

But like with some artists it’s really important to me to support them financially soo


Does someone ever just do something and you think, “How are you even alive taking care of yourself?”

zodiac awards


aries: angriest asshole award
taurus: number two and loving it award
gemini: superficial nervous wreck award
cancer: crybaby emotionpants award
leo: egotist extraordinaire award
virgo: petty perfectionist award
libra: indecisive “individual” award
scorpio: secretive bastard award
sagittarius: expert exaggerator award
capricorn: condescending parent award
aquarius: complete weirdo award
pisces: idealistic idiot award


It makes me intensely uncomfortable when people notice or comment on the quality of my gear or clothing.

"You have a lot of really nice clothes."

Well, they’re what I like to spend my money on. Also, I work outside. I need to stay warm and dry, so it benefits me to spend extra money on that sort of thing.

Outdoor clothes are also what my parents tend to give me as gifts.

I know it’s not necessary to get so defensive over such a small comment. It just made me feel so weird.

I really regret my decision to watch American horror story trailers alone in a dark room…